Founded in 1997

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JCD Concept 2000

In 1997 founder Greg Cunningham decided to start his own event production business out of his home in Hayward, CA. Soon after he was approached by Cirque Du Soleil to produce a 40' headless statue for a production called "Quidam."  With a need for warehouse space, he quickly found a warehouse in Turlock, CA to begin production.



By 2001 JCD Concept 2000 had outgrown its facility in Turlock.  Looking for a larger space, Greg and team moved production to an 18,000 sq. ft. warehouse in Modesto, CA.  At the same time Greg paired up with Chris Ricci to create and produce "XFest" a 15,000 person music festival in downtown Modesto. 

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JCD Atmospheric Studios

By 2004 JCD changed its name to what it is today.  It expanded into an additional warehouse to store more decor.  In 2008 the recession hit and JCD shifted focus towards producing more wedding decor.  As the economy recovered JCD slowly moved back towards corporate events and holiday decor. 

2008 - Present

James Tyler Cunningham Greg JCD Modesto

Its Current State

In 2012, Greg's oldest son Tyler was promoted to President of JCD.  Tyler has worked with JCD since childhood often helping over the summers.  Having joined JCD full time during the recession, Tyler has mostly specialized in wedding production, helping produce high end weddings from Laguna Beach to Lake Tahoe.

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Crew Additions

In 2013, Matthew Barnes was promoted to the Warehouse Manager position. With a background in construction, Matthew is the one who pulls off our crazy ideas and designs.  Since 2013 he has helped put together one of the best install and design crews in the event industry.

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The Wrap Up

For over 20 years JCD has produced nearly every type of event. High end weddings, concerts, fashion shows, fundraisers, corporate events and holiday decor. Former and current customers include Genentech, Savemart, Sutter Health, Kaiser, Sony, Visa, Westfield, Macerich, Sysco and Harrah's.  JCD is still a small company and one that prides itself on supporting its employees, their families and local community.